10 Great Reasons To Rent

Although it’s great to own a home, there are some great reasons why you might benefit from renting.

Here’s 10 good ones for a start:

  1. You’ll be free of a mortgage and all the administrative costs associated with getting one. Without the debt, a canny renter may be able to save more than a homeowner.
  2. A deposit for a flat will be far more affordable than a down payment for a house.
  3. Renting in a densely populated city may be possible when buying a home is prohibitively expensive. You get to enjoy your vibrant neighbourhood, the restaurants, the bars, the cinemas and the vibe all in walking distance of your pad.
  4. You won’t need to pay for anything if your cooker or your central heating packs in. No having to ring around tradesman, stressing about the cost and whether they’ll do a proper job. Just call your landlord and they’ll have things fixed.
  5. You won’t be able to update your rented property. If you do, you might be penalised by your landlord for doing so and you most probably won’t recoup your costs. You can’t take them with you to your next property. However, the money you save here can be put towards your retirement, holidays or a special piece of furniture you can take with you when you move on.
  6. Conversely, if you do want to repaint or make any changes to your rented property, like change the taps or the light fittings, there is no harm in asking your landlord whether you can do so for a suitable reimbursement. They might like the updates you make for tenants to come.
  7. You have more time to enjoy doing things you like to do instead of devoting it to your home’s maintenance. You won’t be responsible for painting your rooms or staining your floorboards.
  8. You have greater flexibility if you decide on having a family. You’re not saddled with your couple’s pad when you can move into a bigger rental place. And you won’t be burdened with two mortgages while you’re negotiating the move from one home to another.
  9. Flexibility too, to move from one locale to another easily with new jobs. Or to try out neighbourhoods before you make a decision to buy somewhere.
  10. If you’re starting a new business, you might want to establish it before you think about a large pay-out for a property.

If you’re local and you’re looking to rent, we’re Swindon letting agents here to help you find your off-the-rack home.