5 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling Houses

When it comes to houses for sale, Swindon has some of the best to offer. Even so, sellers in the area often find that their homes take months to sell, or don’t sell at all.

It can be a mystery, even when their homes are in the right areas or have the right features for buyers.

These sellers may have made one of the errors on this list that stops a house from selling. If you’re looking to sell up, avoid these simple mistakes to make sure you get a speedy sale.

  1. Asking for too much money

Of course, you’ve put the time, money and energy into improving your home. You may well have granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, but that may not be enough to ask your buyers to spend more on your home.

Get quotes from several estate agents to see how much your home is really worth, and use those figures as a guide.

  1. Not doing enough marketing

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to take out a full page ad in the paper. You do need to do some advertising, though.

No one can buy your home if they don’t even know it’s for sale.

Give your estate agent lots of notice that your home is for sale, and give them time to have it photographed and made available on their website.

  1. Not fixing things that are broken

There are plenty of houses for sale – Swindon, and you want to make sure buyers won’t discount yours.

They will, though, if things are broken when they come for a viewing.

You may well be planning on fixing whatever’s broken before you move, but your buyer doesn’t know that. Get it fixed before you put your house on the market.

  1. Going it alone

Most people only sell and move home once or twice in a lifetime. Be assured, this isn’t enough experience to be able to do it yourself.

When selling up, it’s important that you let a professional take the reins. They know the market inside and out, so you don’t have to worry about your house getting sold.

  1. Leaving your stuff everywhere

If you leave personal items all over your home, buyers are going to notice when they come to visit.

Personal photos, collectibles and other bits and bobs send the message ‘This is my home, not yours’.

You want a buyer to see your home and imagine themselves living there. Grab a box and put anything in that could distract your buyers.

Now you know these potential pitfalls, you can get started selling your home easily. If you’re looking for an estate agent as per point 4, get in touch with Moovahome.

Their speciality is houses for sale – Swindon, and they know the area like no other.

Their expertise means they can advertise your home and get it sold quickly, and for a good price. Get in touch and see what they can do.