7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Rental Without Losing Your Deposit

Renting a house or apartment can come with a lot of restrictions, especially when it comes to updating the property. Luckily, there are so many ways to turn your house for rent in Swindon into a beautiful home without running into trouble with your landlord, or worse, lose your deposit for good.

Check out these cheap, easy, and practical ways to give your Swindon rental a makeover.

Switch to stylish lighting fixtures

Replace typical bulbs with elegant pendant lights and tasteful lamps. Go for warm lights for a more cosy feel instead of hard fluorescent.

Usher in a bit of nature with indoor plants

Real living plants have the ability to instantly add life and colour into your space. Aside from their aesthetic value, plants are also proven to help improve indoor air quality and have positive effects on emotions. Start with low-maintenance plants, such as aloe vera and succulents.

Instead of hanging, lean your favourite painting against the wall

Introducing a piece or two of artwork can brighten up and make your home look expensive. If you are cannot hammer a nail and have doubts about using double-adhesives to install a framed painting, display it on the floor, leaning against the wall.

Cover ugly tiles and flooring with plush rugs and carpets

Whether your landlord does not want you to touch anything or you simply have no budget for major renovations, investing in gorgeous-coloured rugs and carpets can solve your dilemma about dingy floors.

Decorate boring walls with boldly printed wallpapers

Thank heavens for removable wallpapers. They are not only the least expensive alternative to paint but there so many options to choose from that can show a bit of your creative side.

Purchase some large mirrors to make rooms appear bigger

Add large mirrors to create an illusion of bigger and brighter living space.

Buy tile stickers to cover chipped or unpleasant kitchen tiles and splashbacks in the kitchen

This is a genius solution for unsightly kitchens in houses for rent! Upgrade outdated kitchen tiles and splashbacks with removal tile decals that you can just easily peel off when you leave or when you want a different design. They also work on bathroom walls and tiles.

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