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A Short Guide To Taking Care Of Your Rental Property

A Short Guide To Taking Care Of Your Rental Property This Holiday Season

Since Christmas and winter are just around the corner, you may have the opportunity to get away for a short while and go on a perfect holiday. However, if you own a residential property and you are managing it by yourself, potential seasonal hazards such as freezing temperatures, winter storms or residential fires may keep you from leaving and enjoying a little time away.

Here we have compiled a few tips for you to take care of your rental property and provide yourself, as well as your tenants, with a safe and stress-free holiday season:

Conduct preventative maintenance

For you to avoid receiving calls for emergency repairs in the middle of the winter, be proactive and conduct preventive maintenance around now. Take precautionary ‘winterisation’ steps such as insulating pipes in exterior walls, trimming tree branches, clearing out your gutters, draining outdoor spigots and many more.

Encourage your tenants to be proactive

Always keep your tenants in the loop when it comes to issues such as frozen pipes, power outages and failing appliances to prevent them from happening as much as possible. Moreover, ensure that they know how to reach out to you if problems do arise and you must also have updated contact information for each household as well.

Find a reliable contractor early

Instead of waiting for the winter months to go on full force, be sure to find reliable contractors and line up service contracts such as snow clearing as soon as possible so that when a storm hits, they’re already there when needed.

Consider hiring a good property management company

Last but not least, consider hiring the services of an experienced property management company. They have the capacity to ensure that your rental property will not cause you any worry, especially in the winter and holiday seasons to come.

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