Moving day – What happens

Come moving home day, the big exciting start-of-a-new-era day, the next big adventure, what actually happens? Well, sometimes it all goes smoothly, sometimes not, really. It all depends on how things pan out with payments before you can get your hands on the keys to your new front door. This is Completion Day. The completion… read more

Selling your house – What happens

Your house is on the market and you’re open for viewings, when suddenly you’ve got interest. You’ve got a buyer. What do you do next? Here’s a brief guide. Firstly, you’ll need a solicitor. They will deal with the transfer of the ownership of your property in a legal process called conveyancing. The solicitor will… read more

Why do you need a property management company

If you’re looking to rent out a property, why would you choose to use a property management company? You have to pay them, right? Why would you take less than you could get managing the property on your own? Here are some compelling reasons you might consider. If you’re not happy collecting rent on a… read more

Buying your first home

It’s a hard slog getting together the money for a deposit to buy your first home, so it’s as well to know where you can get some help. The Government has set up what is known as a ‘Help to Buy’ ISA scheme, whereby it will contribute some money towards the buying of a new… read more

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Making a rental property feel like home

Feeling a little underwhelmed by the prospect of moving into an impersonal rental property? Here are a few tips that could fill you instead with inspiration and excitement to transform that property into your own vibrant space. First of all, check your lease or with your landlord what changes you can and cannot make. Then… read more

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How to improve your kerb appeal

You want to get potential buyers through the front door and show off your beautiful home, right? But what if they’ve seen the front door and decided they’ve seen enough? When it comes to selling your home, don’t underestimate the power of kerb appeal. Start with that front door. Consider a replacement for something contemporary… read more

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Is a buy to let property still a great investment

In 2018, is a Buy to Let property still a great investment? Buy a place, rent it out and earn an income. Sounds appealing. Until just recently, investors were able to claim tax relief on their mortgage payments and expenses related to renting their place out. Since April 2017, however, that situation changed. Buy to… read more

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What makes Swindon such a great location

Swindon is a thriving former market town in the south-west of England. Named in 2018 as one of the top 10 best places to make a living in the UK, Swindon is situated in proximity to the glorious countryside of the Cotswolds and Wiltshire’s intriguing prehistoric sites. The town has been a hub most noticeably… read more

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Making the decision to downsize

There are many reasons why you might consider downsizing your home when you get to a certain age and the children have left home. But also a number of considerations it’s best you know about in advance. On one hand, a smaller home is easier to clean and to maintain both inside and outside in… read more

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To New Build Or Not To New Build

It’s a very exciting prospect moving into a new home and, if it’s a new build, choosing from a developer’s range of different property styles. An opportunity too, to get things just right before you move in. It’s possible in an off-plan arrangement – where you buy before a development is even built – to… read more

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