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Autumn’s here and winter is approaching - Moovahome

Autumn’s here and winter is approaching

Time to change how you present your home in Swindon to prospective buyers

There is a very good article in thisismoney.co.uk which beautifully dispels the myth that it is very difficult to sell a property during wintertime. From our experience here at Moovahome that myth most definitely needs debunking, and as always, we are here to help you achieve positive results, whatever the time you decide to sell your home.

So the first thing to do is help you understand why you have to be extra vigilant towards those little things when selling your home during the winter. And if you are wondering why people move home in the middle of winter, sometimes they have no choice, especially if the move has come about through a change in circumstances at work. Here we have a selection of helpful tips to make sure that your home has the best chance of being sold:

  • Nights are long and days are short during the winter, so the ‘drive by’ viewing becomes more common. This is to help prospective buyers get a feel for a property that they will probably not view until during the evening. If the outside looks OK then there is a greater chance that internal inspection will take place. As a consequence make sure that if you have outside space around your property, it is clean and tidy, and if you have a garden even though it won’t look fabulous in the winter, make sure all the leaves have been raked up and that it still looks at its best.
  • Make sure your guttering and downpipes aren’t blocked and that there are no leaks anywhere. In the dry simmer this wouldn’t be noticed, but in the depths of winter, this can be a really off putting sight if there are damp patches on the outside of a property.
  • When showing people round your home, make sure the central heating is on, even if it wouldn’t normally be at that time of day. Make your home as cosy as possible.
  • Make sure you set the level of lighting to the correct level. It is a mistake to put all the lights on as that can create a harsh and clinical feel to the inside of your home, while too little light will make it seem dark and dingy. Always make sure the lighting is on in all the rooms as if you have to put it on when you enter a room, you immediately draw attention to the fact it is dark inside.
  • If you have a fire, whether it is a wood burner, open, gas or electric fire, if it is a focal point in your living room, then make sure it is functioning. Once again the emphasis has to be on warm and cosy, not cold and uninviting.
  • A useful little trick when the central heating is on is to spray a little furniture polish on the tops of the radiators. The heat radiating off them will circulate the smell of the cleaner throughout the room and make it smell as though it had just been cleaned!

Here at Moovahome we specialise in houses for sale, Swindon and surrounding areas being our specific area. So whether you have a property to sell and want to minimise the fees you pay, or you are wanting to buy a property for sale in Swindon, then make sure you get in touch with us, we have a great selection to offer you.