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Brexit: Selling a house in Swindon | Moovahome Property Sales

Brexit: Selling a house in Swindon

The fevered coverage of Britain’s exit from the EU has included everything from lack of access to Weetabix and Marmite to the mass exodus of Europeans who live here. But how will Brexit affect people selling a house in Swindon?

If it’s a question you have asked you are not alone, as it clearly is of concern throughout the country. Google searches are a great measure of what topics occupy people most and terms related to the effects of Brexit have dominated in recent times. Terms like “what happens to property and mortgages post-Brexit?” are high on the list.

Cautious housing market

Article 50 has now been triggered, meaning the negotiations and planning have begun in earnest, so a lot of the confusion and concern should get cleared up in the coming months. However, this will still leave the UK property market in “cautious” mode.

The latest figures available indicate that the number of people moving house is falling, possibly because of a lack of confidence in the economy and reticence about making major financial decisions.

The good news though, is that property prices in and around Swindon remain buoyant. In fact, property prices generally have continued to slowly rise, with terraced houses particularly in demand in Swindon.

Even if Brexit negotiations are drawn out and complicated, the banks are predicting that the property market in the UK will simply “flatline”, rather than fall.

How easy is it to sell up in Swindon?

If you do need to downsize to a smaller property or you want to upgrade to a larger one, or even if you are moving to a new area, you can afford to be “cautiously optimistic” if you have the right help and support.

Have you noticed how bargain-conscious everyone is in the Brexit era, and how willing folks are to dig around for information before they part with their cash? House buyers are increasingly “savvy” and may be harder to convince that your property is worth the asking price.

Solution to Brexit house sales in Swindon

If you want to sell your Swindon property, you are going to need an estate agent who works hard on your behalf and cares about getting the price right – and the deal done as smoothly as possible.

That includes promoting it professionally and persuasively on all available communication channels, such as social media.

The good news is that whether you opt for our Standard or Premium package for your Swindon house sale, the Moovahome team will move heaven and Earth to get you on your way.