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Buyer considerations

First Time Buyer considerations

What to Consider When Viewing Houses for Sale in Swindon

If you’re thinking about getting on the property ladder then you should definitely have a look around the Swindon area, as it is an ideal place to start. While doing this, however, there are some things that need to be brought to your attention, especially for first time buyers (FTBs).

This guide will set out and explain some of these issues for you to consider when looking at houses for sale in Swindon, so that you are better prepared when the time comes to buy.


If you’re a young person, you may be particularly interested in the Governments help to buy scheme. This is a scheme in which, if you can provide 5% of the necessary deposit for a new home, the government will help with the rest of the cost. Giving interest free loans of up to 20%.

Help from friends

Given the benefits of the Help to Buy scheme, lots of people show interest and apply for it. Sadly though, it is possible that even when only having to pay a 5% deposit, the cost of the houses for sale in Swindon may make this difficult, depending on the area you choose. That’s when you have to get creative, such as asking family or friends for additional income or investment.

Market research

Houses for sale in Swindon vary greatly in price, typically because location and quality of local services differ from area to area. It may happen that you have a place in mind and price is not an issue, in this case there is little for you to do but to negotiate the price of your chosen house.

If this is not the case and your heart is simply set on Swindon in general, then you should look at all houses that are within your price range around the area.

If you have, or plan to have children, then perhaps the most salient thing to look at should be the quality of the schools. Although the public transport in Swindon is great and efficient, it always pays to investigate access to local hospitals, GP surgeries and the nearest shopping centre or supermarket.

The buddy system

In the modern age houses in Britain are often seen as overly expensive, and houses for sale in Swindon, whilst comparatively cheap, can still be out of reach for most young people. Therefore it may be a good idea to consider buying with a family member or friend.

This is something that is becoming increasingly popular. Although contrary to the traditional husband-wife mortgage, it seems to be a growing trend and one that may be helpful to your circumstances.

There are many things to think about when searching for houses for sale in Swindon and we hope to have given you a comprehensive, though not complete guide, on how to make this process run smoothly.