How to reduce stress levels when moving home

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid certain stressful situations when selling your home, but there are a number of things you can do though to reduce the amount of stress you are under as it can often be created, totally unintentionally, by you. You can fix this with some careful thought and planning. If you… read more

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How Swindon Houses For Sale Can Be The Most Appealing Homes Around

So you’re looking to sell your home. You think it’s perfect for people who want to move into your area, but you’re wondering why you aren’t getting as many viewers as you should. There’s plenty of competition in Swindon, so you’ll need to employ some tactics in order to get your home sold quickly. Read… read more

Houses for sale in Swindon

How to budget for renting a house

Be excited by renting a new place. And enjoy your time in your rental home by freeing yourself from financial pressures. Get organised from the start. Firstly, it’s best to calculate your monthly budget on any property you’re considering, just so you know whether it’s affordable or not. You’ll need to pay household bills and… read more

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The signs are good for the 2016 property market

Sense and sensibility seem to be the watchwords for the property market in the coming year. A stable UK economy and confirmation that interest rates are unlikely to change throughout the year means that all signs point to a stable property market and continued gradual increase in property values. Excluding the weighted influence of the… read more

Houses for sale in Swindon

The Questions You Need To Ask About Houses For Sale In Swindon

If you’re looking for houses for sale in Swindon, you’ll have a list of questions as long as your arm. ‘Does it have more than one bathroom?’ ‘Is it decorated nicely?’ ‘Can my family all live here comfortably?’ These are all important questions, but there’s a few questions that you may not think to ask…. read more

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Moving day – What happens

Come moving home day, the big exciting start-of-a-new-era day, the next big adventure, what actually happens? Well, sometimes it all goes smoothly, sometimes not, really. It all depends on how things pan out with payments before you can get your hands on the keys to your new front door. This is Completion Day. The completion… read more

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Swindon Facts

How much do you know about Swindon? While in many of our article so far we have helped to give you some useful advice when it comes to selling your house in Swindon, or if you are looking for properties for sale in Swindon, but how much do you actually know about this town which… read more

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Selling your house – What happens

Your house is on the market and you’re open for viewings, when suddenly you’ve got interest. You’ve got a buyer. What do you do next? Here’s a brief guide. Firstly, you’ll need a solicitor. They will deal with the transfer of the ownership of your property in a legal process called conveyancing. The solicitor will… read more

The difference between accepting or rejecting an offer

There used to be a time when it was not uncommon for estate agents selling fees to be 2% plus VAT on the sale price of your home. This was seen as acceptable at a time when a three-bedroom detached property for sale in Swindon was selling for under £100,000. Now that the same property… read more

Houses for sale in Swindon