Autumn’s here and winter is approaching

Time to change how you present your home in Swindon to prospective buyers There is a very good article in which beautifully dispels the myth that it is very difficult to sell a property during wintertime. From our experience here at Moovahome that myth most definitely needs debunking, and as always, we are here… read more

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Moving in Swindon, what to take with you

Swindon Houses For Sale: What Do You Really Need To Take With You? You’ve looked around all of the Swindon houses for sale and you’ve finally found your dream home. Now, you need to think about what you need to take with you when you move from your old home. Does absolutely everything have to… read more

Houses for sale in Swindon

Things to consider when decorating your house

Considering decorating your house to attract prospective buyers? Always bear in mind that you won’t be making the changes to suit your own personal taste and preferences, what you would choose as your living space. Your only goal is to show your home at its very best to potential buyers. Decorating your house in neutral… read more

Houses for sale in Swindon

10 Great Reasons To Rent

Although it’s great to own a home, there are some great reasons why you might benefit from renting. Here’s 10 good ones for a start: You’ll be free of a mortgage and all the administrative costs associated with getting one. Without the debt, a canny renter may be able to save more than a homeowner…. read more

Swindon offers you more property for your money

There is no question that rising prices have squeezed many people out of the housing market, and stopped a good number of you from moving as your family has expanded as the gap between two and three- or four-bedroom properties has done nothing other than get bigger. If you find yourself in that position it… read more

Houses for sale in Swindon

7 Things You Should Look Out For In Houses For Sale In Swindon

House hunting can be overwhelming to say the least. You plan as many viewings as possible, and when you’re looking around the homes you have no idea what you should be looking for. How can you tell if this house is perfect for you? If you’re looking for houses for sale in Swindon, don’t worry…. read more

Houses for sale in Swindon

The Moovahome team increase

  We’re happy to announce that we have taken on a new recruit and proud too to introduce her to you. Kim Carta has joined the Sales and Lettings team at Moovahome. In doing so, she has bolstered our team and become our sixth full-time team member. In professional terms, Kim brings to the post… read more

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3 Simple Steps to Turn Your Rental Into a Favourite Holiday Memory

Hotels are great but there’s something they cannot give – an ambience that can’t beat a home. Well, at least every homeowner has leverage. Making your home a certified holiday rental property can actually help you get more profit. The challenge now is how you can stand out from thousands of homeowners who are competing… read more

Be prepared for any eventuality when selling your home

There are a number of reasons why you might be selling your home, some good and some not so good. However, where you move to and why, when you have sold your current home, will have a big impact on your ability to sell, and preparing yourself in advance will make a massive difference to… read more

Houses for sale in Swindon

Make Your Home Stand Out in Swindon

It’s time to put your house up on the market, but you’ve found that there’s a lot of competition in your local area. When there are so many houses for sale in Swindon, how do you make yours stand out? The key is how you present your home to potential buyers. Here’s a few tips… read more

Houses for sale in Swindon