Buying your first home

It’s a hard slog getting together the money for a deposit to buy your first home, so it’s as well to know where you can get some help. The Government has set up what is known as a ‘Help to Buy’ ISA scheme, whereby it will contribute some money towards the buying of a new… read more

Buyer considerations

First Time Buyer considerations What to Consider When Viewing Houses for Sale in Swindon If you’re thinking about getting on the property ladder then you should definitely have a look around the Swindon area, as it is an ideal place to start. While doing this, however, there are some things that need to be brought… read more

Houses for sale in Swindon

Making a rental property feel like home

Feeling a little underwhelmed by the prospect of moving into an impersonal rental property? Here are a few tips that could fill you instead with inspiration and excitement to transform that property into your own vibrant space. First of all, check your lease or with your landlord what changes you can and cannot make. Then… read more

Houses for sale in Swindon

Be competitive

Be Competitive How to Make a Competitive offer when Viewing Swindon Houses for Sale If you’re looking to get on the housing ladder or develop a property portfolio by viewing Swindon houses for sale with the intention to buy, one of the most important parts of the process is making a competitive offer. However, there… read more

Houses for sale in Swindon

How to improve your kerb appeal

You want to get potential buyers through the front door and show off your beautiful home, right? But what if they’ve seen the front door and decided they’ve seen enough? When it comes to selling your home, don’t underestimate the power of kerb appeal. Start with that front door. Consider a replacement for something contemporary… read more

Has the market peaked

If the property market has peaked, it doesn’t spell bad news for everyone Here at Moovahome in Swindon, we were interested to see an article in the Guardian newspaper with the headline British property market has peaked. Now unless your interest in the property market in Swindon is purely from an investment angle there is… read more

Houses for sale in Swindon

What Houses For Sale In Swindon May Be Hiding From You

There’s a lot to remember when you’re looking around houses for sale in Swindon. You’ve got to make sure the house is in the right area for you, that it’s big enough and if it’s in the right state of repair. However, there are lots of secrets that it may not be so obvious. When… read more

Houses for sale in Swindon

Is a buy to let property still a great investment

In 2018, is a Buy to Let property still a great investment? Buy a place, rent it out and earn an income. Sounds appealing. Until just recently, investors were able to claim tax relief on their mortgage payments and expenses related to renting their place out. Since April 2017, however, that situation changed. Buy to… read more

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