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Costly Mistakes House Sellers Make | Moovahome | Swindon

Costly Mistakes House Sellers Make

Every owner’s goal is to sell their house for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. However, without the proper knowledge and guidance, they may not be able to achieve it. To get the most money out of your property, avoid the costly mistakes listed below:

Unwilling to make repairs

No matter what the age of your property is, inspection for any damages is crucial. Since you are listing your home on the market, any negative feedback from potential buyers will have a major impact on your credibility as a seller. They will either ask for a reduction in price to reflect the cost of the repair or worse, the sales price of your property will reduce if your property doesn’t sell within a few weeks. To avoid these problems, schedule a pre-listing home inspection and professional cleaning and repair services before putting your home on the market.

Not hiring a professional sales agent

You should consider picking someone with local market knowledge, sales expertise and an excellent reputation to make sure you sell your home for the best price. Most of the time, owners who decide to market properties on their own end up waiting longer to sell than homeowners who work with professional agents. Hiring an expert ensures that the marketing, negotiations and inspections will surely be taken care of.


The biggest mistake you could make is overpricing your property. Though it’s up to you if you want to take the risk by testing the market, it’s still recommended to hire the right estate agent to inform you on the current market issues and give you the market analysis to help determine an acceptable price for your property. Remember that the longer your home stays on the market, the more price drops you should expect.


On the other hand, selling your property for a price lower than it deserves is still a major money mistake. It’s understandable that it’s difficult to decide on the right price and you surely want to sell your home fast, however, underpricing your property won’t benefit you at all.

If you are looking for the right people to help you sell your home fast for top dollar, Moovahome is the best company to work with. We make selling your property easy by taking care of all the process for you. Want to know more about our services? Give us a call on 01793512345. We’d love to hear from you!