Great tips if you have a house for sale in Swindon

Here at Moovahome we may be low on fees we charge when helping you to sell your house in Swindon, but we’re not short on experience and expertise when it comes to helping you both sell your home and also get the best price. With the number of houses for sale in Swindon it is important you keep one step ahead of the competition and make sure yours is the number one choice in the area. So how can you improve your chances of selling your home?

  • Often prospective buyers will do a drive past viewing first before arranging to view inside. Make sure that the garden is tidy and well-manicured – check your guttering and any obvious repairs that need doing to the outside. Tidy away any unsightly rubbish, old bicycles, kid’s toys etc. If needs be, pay for a gardener to come in a couple of times just to make sure that this asset is presented at its best – it is money well spent if you don’t have the spare time
  • Get carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture cleaned, especially if you have a young family or have pets. Stains and odours build up over time – but a thorough spring clean will have your house smelling fresh and clean throughout – making it very appealing to a buyer
  • Make sure that the kitchen, bathroom and toilet are spotlessly clean. Do this and it will give the automatic impression the house has been looked after and is clean throughout. New home owners are often so busy that they don’t want a list of jobs to do as long as your arm the moment they move into a new property
  • Get all those annoying DIY jobs done inside that you have been putting off. You will have got used to them not being done and probably don’t notice them anymore, but anyone viewing your house will spot them straight away!

Here at Moovahome we listen to the feedback of people who are looking round Swindon houses for sale and we understand what attracts and puts off a prospective purchaser. If you’re not sure what you ought to do to present your home at its best, why not call us at Moovahome and ask us out for some friendly advice – we like to offer all our clients more than you might anticipate.