Houses For Sale In Swindon Should Have These 6 Features

If your house is currently up for sale, or even if you’re just thinking of selling, you’ll find that there are some features that all homes must have, according to some buyers anyway…

If you’re finding it hard to get viewings, or the viewers come but never call back, you may be missing something.

Here’s some changes that you may need to make before your house sells.

  1. A strong broadband connection

More and more people live their lives online these days, so it makes sense that a strong internet connection is a must. If it’s weak in your home, look into having it improved.

Talk to your provider and ask how it could be made stronger. It may require wifi extenders throughout the home, or a better service installed. Get in touch and find out.

  1. A separate shower cubicle

When looking for houses for sale in Swindon, buyers are going to be on the hunt for the perfect bathroom. For more and more buyers, the shower installed above the bath isn’t enough for them.

They want a separate shower cubicle. If your home doesn’t feature this, and you have the space, having one installed could be a good move.

  1. Double glazing

It makes sense that buyers are looking for good quality materials in the build of a new home. That’s why so many are on the hunt for a home with double glazing already installed.

If you still have single glazed windows, you may need to go and get them replaced in order to entice buyers to your home.

  1. A dining room

This may be a surprise, but buyers looking for houses for sale in Swindon do still want dining rooms. There’s been a move back to eating dinners at the table, so it makes sense that a dining room is high on the wish list.

If you have a second room, it may be worth converting it back to a dining room. You may not use it, but you can show potential buyers that they can have that dining room if they want it.

  1. A garage

You’d think that garages are never used these days, but you would be surprised. In fact, many house hunters are looking for a garage they can store their car in overnight.

If you have one but fill it full of the overflow of your home, now’s the time to clean it out. Show buyers just what yours looks like.

  1. A garden

A garden is high on everyone’s wish list, and with good reason. Who doesn’t want a little bit of green space to call their own? If you have a garden, clean it out and show it off at its very best.

Are you looking for houses for sale in Swindon, or looking to sell your home? Get in touch with us at Moovahome. We can help you find the perfect home or buyer, meaning you’ll find the process of moving swift and as painless as possible.