How to be a good landlord

As a landlord, it’s important that your tenants feel comfortable living in your home and contacting you when necessary. Here are some ways in which you can be a good landlord.

Stock up on the essentials

Before your tenants move in you could stock up the bathroom with some toilet roll, or other things that can be easy to forget when you’re moving into a new place. This will show your tenants that you are caring and thoughtful.


If the walls are beginning to look tired then give them a new lick of paint, if the carpets are old then get them redone, and upgrade any old appliances in time for when your new tenant moves in. Making the home more comfortable to live in is the sign of a good landlord.

Reply promptly

If your tenants have queries or need something in the home to be looked at, they should feel like they will get a prompt response from you. Give them the best number and email to contact you on and be sure to respond as quickly as you can.

Get repairs done quickly

If your tenants notify you of a broken shower or kitchen appliance, then it’s important that it is fixed quickly. Compile a list of tradesmen who you know are reliable and will be able to fix any problems at short notice.

Be fair

There are too many stories of landlords taking advantages of tenants, giving them ridiculous charges and taking a chunk of their deposit when they have no reason to. Being kind is what makes a good landlord – whether that means being more lenient because your tenant is late with a payment, or listening to what they have to say about any marks on the walls. Kindness costs nothing, and your tenant is more likely to renew their contract with you if you show them some compassion.

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