How to improve your kerb appeal

You want to get potential buyers through the front door and show off your beautiful home, right? But what if they’ve seen the front door and decided they’ve seen enough?

When it comes to selling your home, don’t underestimate the power of kerb appeal.

Start with that front door. Consider a replacement for something contemporary or as a starting point for applying a colour palette for the front of your house. Tie in the rest of your home with a bold statement colour painted door. Then add neutral tones for trimmings such as rendering and masonry, using complementary shades elsewhere, such as the door frames. Tidy up and reinvigorate your exterior.

Attend to your windows and restore any rotten wooden windowsills. Think too how you might paint the frames in a muted shade that works in your exterior’s colour scheme.

The approach to all of this is then very important – your pathway. You may have a concrete or stone path that has cracked over time. You could consider spectacular tiling or creating borders using gorgeously warm-coloured slabs. If you’re on a tight budget, however, hire a high pressure washer and free your pathway from deep-ingrained dirt.

Then there’s plants for stunning effect. Install herbaceous potted plants either side of the front door (alongside a striking doormat). Front beds packed with perennial plants that bloom every year injects vibrancy. But also, think about year round delivery with evergreen shrubs that provide a touch of green during the winter months. If you have a smaller frontage, you can display your plants in various shape, colour and size containers. Plant lavender in these or rosemary, which will provide a gorgeous fragrance.

Of course, keep your front plot weeded, sprinkle a little fresh shingle. Keep it low key enough so that prospective buyers aren’t daunted by a high maintenance garden. Be creative in your design, though bear in mind symmetry always works well.

While you’re about it, take stock of the lighting you have out front. Replace any old fixtures like your porch or front light with something more stylish. Solar light fixtures are fantastic too. And affordable too. Place them strategically in your garden and highlight your garden’s best features or use them to line your pathway.

Once you’re ready, time to sell. If you’re local and looking for Swindon estate agents, look no further than Moovahome. We specialise in houses for sale in Swindon and the surrounding areas.