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Maintenance Tips For Rental Properties | Moovahome | Swindon

Maintenance Tips For Rental Properties

If you own one or many rental properties, you should maintain them properly. Arrange a maintenance schedule to inspect your rental property. Repair problems will always be there and that’s why they need to be fixed before the tenants move in. The important role of a landlord is managing regular maintenance. The following are some tips to maintain your rental property.

Trim overhanging branches

Overhanging branches are also the main source of roof debris that can also cause ice dams. Moreover, these branches can provide a bridge for rats, ants and other pests onto the roof. It is very important to get rid of them immediately. Also, if the branches are potentially interfering with power lines you can call a pro to remove them for you.

Regularly test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Regularly check or set a schedule to test these devices to ensure they’re working properly. Test both battery-operated and hard-wired devices. In case there’s a carbon monoxide leak or fire, you can use these to save you from danger. Furthermore, the average lifespan of a carbon monoxide detector is 5 years, while the smoke alarms lifespan is 10 years.

Gutters and drainage 

It’s important to clean your gutters and drainage to remove leaves and some debris that can clog them up. You can try using a small shovel to scoop out the dirt and a hose to flush out the gutters. Moreover, you may also consider installing gutter guards to turn your gutters into a maintenance free item.

Maintain your roof 

Ensure that your roof doesn’t have broken shingles or holes, you can perform periodic inspections to your roof to make sure no shingles have been lifted from windstorms, check all flashing if it’s secured and in right place and lastly, make sure that all of your roof vents are securely attached. Regularly check the condition of the shingles because as they age they begin to curl and crack, and this is already a sign of replacement.

Paint your house

Painting your house also protects the structure of it. Especially the walls because they are the most exposed to direct sunlight and can be damaged by the UV rays, keeping a fresh coat of paint prevents the wood from drying out and cracking.

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