Make Your Home Stand Out in Swindon

It’s time to put your house up on the market, but you’ve found that there’s a lot of competition in your local area.

When there are so many houses for sale in Swindon, how do you make yours stand out? The key is how you present your home to potential buyers.

Here’s a few tips that will help you sell to the perfect new family.

Stay neutral

Everyone has their own personal style, but of course others may not share yours. You love that wallpaper or dark paint in your home, but it can put potential buyers off.

As sad as it is, take the wallpaper down and paint the walls in neutral colours.

It’s much easier for a buyer to picture themselves in your house if they’re given a blank canvas. Plus, you can always decorate your new home to your heart’s content.

Remove some personal items

You may not have a new home lined up yet, but even so, it’s time to start packing. Put away any personal photos or ornaments that are in your home.

They can distract buyers, as all they can see is a home that you’re living in, rather than a place they can call home.

You’ll also get a head start on packing for when you do pick your new home, too.

Avoid strong smells

When looking for houses for sale – Swindon, potential buyers use all their senses. That includes smell.

Before anyone comes over to view the house, make sure the place is clean from top to bottom.

Clean out the fridge, and take the rubbish out. The result will be a neutral smelling home, so those buyers can appreciate your home for what it is.

Remember your ‘curb appeal’

‘Curb appeal’ is the term for what potential buyers see when they first come across your home. Whether online or in person, you want to make sure that your home looks inviting.

Repaint or replace the front door, clean the windows, and make sure any debris is removed from the drive or front garden.

Plus, remove your car before photos are taken, as it can block the view of the house.

Don’t go for major renovations

You want your home to look its best, but now is not the time to start doing major renovations on it.

While the work is being done the house won’t look at its best, and you’ll be stressed about getting it all done in time.

If you feel the house needs some touching up, try a smaller job, like painting your kitchen cupboards. The house will look fresher and it won’t take long to complete the task.

If you’re thinking of looking for houses for sale – Swindon, or selling your home, call on us at Moovahome.

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