Moving in Swindon, what to take with you

Swindon Houses For Sale: What Do You Really Need To Take With You?

You’ve looked around all of the Swindon houses for sale and you’ve finally found your dream home.

Now, you need to think about what you need to take with you when you move from your old home.

Does absolutely everything have to come with you, or could you leave some of it for your home’s new owners? Here’s a handy guide to help you decide.

The law

There is no actual law that states that you must leave certain fixtures and fittings for the next owners of your home.

If you wanted to, you could remove all sorts of things, like the light fixtures, curtain rails, and carpets.

If you’re leaving some items, though, it’s in your best interests to fill out a TA10 form to list everything that’s staying behind.

This can protect you in case of any legal disputes in the future.

It has been known for new owners to dispute what’s been left behind as fittings have been shown in estate agents photos.

What could you leave?

– Furniture: Think about what you’ll need in your new home. Will your corner sofa fit into your new living room? Will there be a place for that sideboard? If the furniture is still in good condition, you can leave it for the new owners and sell it to them. If not, you can have it removed before you leave.

– Fittings: Things like curtain rails and carpets are usually not worth taking with you, as they’re made to fit the dimensions of this house in particular. It’s best to leave them and list them in your TA10 form.

– Appliances: If the home you’re moving to is already fitted out with things like a fridge or a washing machine, as many Swindon houses for sale are, it’s probably not worth taking yours with you. Plan to leave them and sell to the new owners.

What could you de-clutter before you move?

– CDs and DVDs: With most entertainment media now digital, it might not be worth taking yours with you. Donate yours to charity or sell them online for a bit of extra cash.

– Old food products: Clear out the kitchen cupboards so you’re not moving old and expired foods into your new home.

– Old clothes: We all have piles of clothes in the back of our wardrobes that we never wear anymore. They’re bulky to pack, so have a good clear out and donate them to charity before the big day.

– Older pieces of furniture: Look at your furniture critically. Will it survive the move, or will you replace it not long after you move? Save yourself the trouble of moving it and sell or donate before you leave. You can have new furniture delivered on your moving date if needs be.

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