Why do you need a property management company

If you’re looking to rent out a property, why would you choose to use a property management company? You have to pay them, right? Why would you take less than you could get managing the property on your own? Here are some compelling reasons you might consider.

If you’re not happy collecting rent on a weekly basis or keeping abreast of your rental income set against your expenses each month, you might find it worthwhile seeking management.

What if the washing machine leaks and you are unable to get to the property to sort the situation out?

A property management company can minimise the stress involved handling the daily management of your property and your tenants and free up time for you to invest in more gainful activities.

Make sure that you choose wisely when selecting a management company. It could make the difference between creating a new set of problems or forging a great relationship and never considering managing your own rentals again. At Moovahome, we are proud to present a comprehensive list of services to ensure the smooth running of operations.

So what does our service offer?

We take the onus off you by screening rental applicants. We see hundreds of applications per month, so we have come to recognise who might present problems going forward.

If your tenants need something fixing or replacing, we have that covered for you too. We have trusted tradesmen on our books who we can call out on your behalf at any time on virtually any day. If your tenant is experiencing problems with their neighbours, we can field calls and mediate. All good things to know, especially if you live some distance from the rental property.

We like to keep our renters happy. To respond promptly to problems as and when they arise. It’s important to have a good working relationship because a happy renter is less likely to move on, to rent long term and they will be more willing to accept reasonable rent rises should they become necessary.

Importantly, things are set up so that we collect the rent for you on a consistent basis. This suits us as well as you the landlord since we deduct your fees from the monthly rent. That means we will collect payments on time and if necessary enforce lease policies if payments aren’t received. We’re also there for you if payments are missed on a regular basis. We know the proper procedures for dealing with that situation, including serving an eviction notice if necessary.