Save on fees but gain on service with Movahome

It’s about time estate agents accepted that with massive rises in property prices, their fees can’t remain at 1.5% to 2% when inflation hasn’t gone up by the same amount. If you check on the prices of houses for sale in Swindon you will see that they have risen steadily and over the next four years are due to rise in excess of 30%. So if you are looking to sell your house in Swindon, then why not use Moovahome to help you, and to make sure that you have as much to spend on your new home as possible? It is quite scary to think how much money goes ‘down the drain’ when you move home, so if you can save £3,000.00 or £4,000.00 that goes a long way towards installing a new kitchen or bathroom at the other end! Here at Moovahome we want to make moving home as affordable as possible and leave you having enjoyed the experience, rather than leave you licking your wounds as you pay out fees to everyone left, right and centre.

At Moovahome we know how much it costs to sell a house in Swindon, and anything beyond that is profit. Well there is only so much profit that one should expect when dealing with houses for sale in Swindon. That is why we are able to offer you two types of payment options that will allow you to budget effectively and reduce your outgoings. We think that £699.00 is a fair price for selling a property, and you will see that part of the reason this fee is so reasonable is because we openly expect you to deal with any viewing appointments – we know of estate agents who are mysteriously unavailable for most viewing appointments they arrange, but seem to have no problem asking you for £4,000 + vat for ‘selling ‘your home. We are even more transparent in that we will gladly take on the responsibility of carrying out all viewing appointments on your behalf, for a fixed 1% fee based on the sale price, but again this fee has a maximum of £2,495.00 so when we sell your property for £350,000 you still pay only £2,495.00. If you have a house for sale in Swindon, why not give us a call at Moovahome and ask us out to discuss exactly what we can and will do for you for a very fair fee – you will be surprised that we offer the same service as anyone else with houses for sale in Swindon, but charge a lot less!