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Selling Your Swindon Home This Summer - Moovahome

Selling Your Swindon Home This Summer

While some are still critical of the UK housing market in general, many estate agents know that a lot of this is media hot air and only unique to some regions of the country. If we look at the Swindon area, house prices have risen by 25% in the last five years.

Some of this has to do with many people wanting to commute to London and other southern locales while enjoying a good standard of living. To sell your home quickly and grab a good return check out our guide below.

What To Look For In An Estate Agent

When it comes to selling your home, finding the right estate is more important than the sale itself and this is something homeowners frequently overlook. Firstly, you need a company that advertises with all the leading property portals and is on hand to advise on the state on the market and polish up the details and ensure that any media like photos and videos display your home at its absolute best. These points are far more crucial in smaller areas than they are in larger ones, which is another misconception sellers usually have.

Viewings and Fees

It’s important to know ahead of the time what your estate agent is offering you. Their expertise and advice is a godsend when it comes to prepping your house for a viewing and recommending small alterations that could enhance the value of your property. Nowadays, no agent should have hidden fees, and there should be no extra charge for open days or showing people round.

Location, Location, Location

Whatever the reason for your home, you need to be sure that the price and particulars of your home accurately reflect its value for its size and the area. All reputable estate agents do extensive research into the local area and always have an up to date picture of how your area of Swindon fairs and why potential buyers are most likely to move there. If your home is not in a hot area, then stating exactly how far the best transport links are is still a plus because it gives people an accurate description of what their life would be like and quite often being a bit further out affords you a little more room!

Selling Swiftly

We all love a quick sale. But that doesn’t mean you should be willing to lower the price too low no matter your time constraints. No matter where you move, it’s always better to have what you expected or a bit more in your pocket, than be undersold out of desperation. Many people at this stage seek financial advice from other financial institutions but before you do the same to discuss things like mortgages, accounts and more check to see if your estate has a dedicated account manager or financial advisor. These are the people truly in the know, and they can really nail down the specifics giving you a clearer picture of the fees, transactions, and timeframe for selling regardless of what kind of property you own.

If you’re looking to make that sale this summer in the Swindon area, be sure to get in touch with us here at Moovahome, one of the leading estate agents in the Swindon area.