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Selling your home in Swindon? - Moovahome

Selling your home in Swindon?

It is fair to say that where the property market in Swindon is concerned, when winter sets in generally things tend to slow down a little. However, there is still a good percentage of people who are forced to move no matter what the time of year is. Whether it is for work or family reasons, plenty of people still have to move between October and March – after all, that is half the year! As a consequence, if you are selling your property in Swindon, winter is not so much time to give up, but more a time when that little bit of extra effort can pay dividends.

Here at Moovahome, this means taking extra special care over the external appearance of your property. It is a fact of life but today househunters are short on time and they are not going to want to waste it by viewing the property that doesn’t even appeal to them from the outside. Drive-by viewings are definitely on the increase and only once a property has been seen from the outside our viewers more confident about making an appointment for an internal inspection.

As a consequence, despite periods of bad weather, it is still vitally important the outside of your property and any surrounding garden looks tidy and well cared for. The winter is most definitely a time when you should ensure that things like guttering are cleaned out and are in perfect working order. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer and if you see water stains on the outside walls of a property, chances are you are going to sink it has not been well maintained and therefore will not be a good purchase.

The property market remains buoyant after the difficult times of the recession, and as a consequence we have noticed that where Swindon houses for sale are concerned, this winter has not seen as much of a slowdown as we had anticipated. This is good news if you are looking to move, and especially so if you have a relatively tight deadline or are already commuting long distances through unenforced work move.

So if you haven’t done so, give your lawn a final cut for the year, trim the bushes, sweep up and rake up all the fallen leaves now that autumn is over, and make sure all your windows are clean. Clear away any rubbish, try to keep the rubbish bins out of sight, and if you have children try to ensure that footballs, bikes, etc. are stored neatly out of the way. You will be surprised the difference a morning spent in the garden can make to the overall visual appeal of your property and it will also ensure that anyone doing a drive-by viewing will consequently be more likely to make an appointment to see the inside.

On a final point, when viewing a property, first impressions are crucial. In the wintertime it is so easy to allow an entrance hall or lobby to become cluttered up with coats, scarves, hats, wellington boots and umbrellas. Try and limit these, putting as much as possible away in a cupboard any time you are expecting someone to come and view your property.

If you feel you have a house for sale in Swindon are not getting the viewings you want and your agent is making excuses for the fact that it is winter, why not give us a call here at Moovahome and let’s see if we can change that for you.