Swindon Houses Handy Checklist

Check Out Houses For Sale In Swindon With This Handy Checklist

There’s plenty you need to look for when you’re searching around houses for sale in Swindon.

You need to know it’s in a good area, what transport routes are like, where the schools are, and so on.

However, there’s a lot of little things that you need to check off too, when you go for a viewing.

This list goes through some of the smaller but just as important things you need to look out for.

  1. Turn off any music: If the seller has music playing, turn it off. They may be covering up outside sounds, and you need to know what they are before you sign on the dotted line. It could be train tracks, motorway or other sounds that they’re trying to drown out.
  2. Size up the furniture: Look at the furniture in relation to the rooms. Is it smaller furniture than usual? It could be that it’s been put in there to make the room look bigger. Also, check out what’s already in there. Will you have room for your furniture, or will you have to downsize or replace your own furniture?
  3. Check your phone signal: Many people nowadays don’t keep a landline, and so aren’t looking for one in houses for sale in Swindon. However, they don’t remember to check if there’s decent signal in the house they’re looking at. While you’re there, check your mobile. Can you get a signal? Can you send a text or make a phone call easily?
  4. Look out for trees: A leafy street looks beautiful, but it can cause problems. From inside the house, see if the tress outside are blocking the light that’s coming in. If they’re near enough to the house, they can also cause structural issues.
  5. Use your nose: Lots of people use their eyes as they look around houses for sale in Swindon, but they don’t use all their senses. As well as using your ears as mentioned above, use your nose. You can sometimes smell damp in the walls, which can be a major reason to reject a home. Smelling fresh paint can also be a sign that the seller is hiding damp, too.
  6. Watch out for knotweed: Check the garden carefully for Japanese Knotweed. It’s a dangerous weed that can choke out other plant life in your garden, and cause severe damage to your home. It’s important you do so, as it can cause mortgage lenders to reject you, and can cost seriously high amounts of cash to get removed.
  7. Ask what’s included: Some sellers will leave fixtures and fittings such as washing machines when they move out. Find out to save yourself the cash on new fittings when you move in.

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