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The signs are good for the 2016 property market | Moovahome

The signs are good for the 2016 property market

Sense and sensibility seem to be the watchwords for the property market in the coming year. A stable UK economy and confirmation that interest rates are unlikely to change throughout the year means that all signs point to a stable property market and continued gradual increase in property values.

Excluding the weighted influence of the London property market, which is a microcosm of its own, it is anticipated that the average rise in property prices for 2016 will be around 7%.

Where houses for sale in Swindon are concerned, this is good news; as such an increase usually creates a more active and buoyant property market, where sales of property take less time too.

So who benefits most from such a situation? The answer has to be both you and Moovahome. Why? Because when property is selling well, why would you want to pay substantial agency fees when far less work than usual needs to be done?

It is this type of situation where Moovahome scores heavily, as our fees are appreciably fairer and more realistic in relation to what needs to be done. Of course we perform the same levels of promotion and advertising of Swindon houses for sale as we always do, but now that the average price of a three-bedroom semi-detached property has reached £250.000 and predicted to reach £333,000 by 2020, why should you be paying £5,000 + VAT to sell your home in a buoyant market?

Wouldn’t the average £4,000 you save by selling your property in Swindon through Moovahome not be better spent on improvements to your new home, or enabling you to be a little more flexible on price if you need a quick sale? It certainly makes sense to us. £4,000 is a lot of money, and if you have a higher priced property, the savings can be even greater, as our fees range from a fixed £699.00 regardless of the value of your property, to 1% but capped at a maximum fee of £2,450 + VAT for our full service.

With the property market being so active, it is also important to price your property correctly. There is always the temptation to be a little overoptimistic on the basis that rising values means you just have to wait for your property to find its true level, but in the time it takes for that to happen, new property coming on the market will be at a higher price, and those you originally had your eye on are likely to have already been sold. While the property market may be good, the professional advice you receive from your estate agent has to be even better.

So if you are having problems selling your property in Swindon, or are just thinking of putting your property on the market, why not make the first correct move and ask us here at Moovahome to come out and give you a no-obligation valuation and run you through our full services, just to reassure you that low fees do not equate to poor service.