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The Top 6 Features In Houses For Sale In Swindon

The Top 6 Features In Houses For Sale In Swindon

There are a lot of things buyers are looking for when they’re looking around your home. They want somewhere they can imagine themselves settling down and putting down roots.

They want enough space for their family to live comfortably, and to entertain their friends.

However, what else exactly is the modern buyer looking for in houses for sale in Swindon? The list may surprise you.

  1. Central heating and double glazing

The first feature on the list isn’t a huge shock for anyone who’s sold a home. Buyers want to know that they’ll be able to keep their house warm come the winter months.

With autumn now upon us, this is a point worth considering when selling your home. Also, double glazing is a huge bonus, as it helps with keeping heat and outside noise out of the home.

  1. Off street parking

Any buyer with a car will be looking for this. Some homes only have on street parking, which isn’t ideal.

Off street parking, whether on a drive or a garage, means your car isn’t at risk of being damaged by passing motorists.

It also makes your car insurance cheaper, as your car is at less risk of being broken into.

  1. A good phone signal

You may be surprised at this, but it’s vital for most modern buyers. Many people choose to avoid using a landline, and direct all their calls to their mobile phone.

When this is the case, they need to know that they have a good enough signal in their home to make and receive phone calls. If they can’t, it’s going to be a big fault against selling your home.

  1. At least two toilets

For families, this can be vital! Two toilets mean one isn’t being monopolised at any one time. Two bathrooms are even better, as two people can get ready for work or school at once.

It also means mum or dad can enjoy a relaxing bath without impatient children knocking on the door.

  1. Space for a flat screen TV

The humble TV has come a long way, and today most people own a sizeable flat screen TV. Thanks to the current trend of hanging our TVs on the wall, buyers will now be looking for a spot where their TV could live.

If you have somewhere they can hang it, saving room on the floor, they’ll be interested in buying from you.

  1. Local shops and amenities

Last but not least, buyers want to know that there are amenities local to them. No one wants to be driving half an hour to get to the shops, or walking their dogs through busy streets rather than the local park. If you have options, you’ll find it easier to sell.

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