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Things to consider when decorating your house | Moovahome UK

Things to consider when decorating your house

Considering decorating your house to attract prospective buyers? Always bear in mind that you won’t be making the changes to suit your own personal taste and preferences, what you would choose as your living space. Your only goal is to show your home at its very best to potential buyers. Decorating your house in neutral colours is usually the suggestion. Doing this certainly won’t put any buyer off. Potential buyers walking through your home will be able to plan to put their own stamp on the house without having to remove yours first. If you can, paint all your rooms white. It make take a few weeks, but it will be worth it in the end. Replacing worn carpeting also can make a huge impact on a buyer’s first impression of your home.

The work involved might sound a daunting and an arduous proposition. However, there are some high yield to low input ratio things you can do that can make a significant difference. Think about initial impact. Pay attention to the outside of your house when you’re getting ready for sellers. After they see your home from the street, they’ll notice next the front door and porch. Spend some time and money making this area beautiful. Wash, scrub or repaint the front door so that it shines. Replace the door handle if it is weathered and unsightly. Stand outside and look into your entry area. It will be the first thing buyers see of the inside of your home.

Got a dripping tap or a cracked tile, grubby sealant? These will send the wrong message to potential buyers. Making minor repairs and alterations before putting your house on the market is a smart idea. Take a good look at your kitchen and bathroom tiles. Clean and bleach white grout to remove any stains. Scrape out and re-grout any badly damaged or mildewed areas. Caulk corners, cracks, and gaps around the sink and tub.

Finally, decorating your house with wall mirrors makes rooms appear much bigger and lighter. Consider hanging some, especially in smaller rooms or hallways. If possible, keep the furniture low slung, so the rooms seem taller. If you truly love something, you’ll want to put it on display. Use and enjoy your antiques and unique finds, especially in a utilitarian room like the bathroom. Consider refacing your kitchen cabinetry – much cheaper than installing new cabinetry and often as effective.

For more advice on decorating your house to impress buyers, speak to one of our dedicated team today…