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Things Tenants Look for in a Rental Property | Moovahome | Swindon

Things Tenants Look for in a Rental Property

Nowadays, renters are highly educated and there are specific features that top their list. Knowledgeable tenants will inspect, take notes and compare 15 to 20 properties before they make a final decision. So, what exactly do renters look for in a rental property? This article breaks down the things renters like to see when looking for somewhere new to live.


A location will always be the most important feature of a property whether you’re buying or renting. If your rental property is in the right location, you have the right to command higher prices for it without having to do much else. Tenants are willing to pay higher prices just to be close to things such as restaurants, transportation links, shopping centres and entertainment venues.


Another important factor is how safe and secure you’re prospective tenants feel when viewing a property. Tenants like to see low crime rates in the neighbourhood, because they want their family and cars to be safe and secure, furthermore, a rental property should have a working security system with locks on both the doors and the windows. A safe neighbourhood is a powerful motivator for great tenants.


Parking is very important for tenants who own a car. If your rental property doesn’t have a designated parking spot, you can make negotiations with a neighbour to provide a parking space for you or maybe you can directly tell the tenant to park at the nearest parking space. As long as a renter has a place to park their vehicles within close proximity to the rental house, even if it’s on the street, they would be happy. Moreover, having a driveway or garage will help get the property rented quickly.

Renovations and upgrades

It is better to repaint the house and renovate the bathroom or kitchen or add some new appliances and hardwood floors to the property to attract quality tenants.

Appliances included

Tenants don’t want to purchase large and costly appliances for a place that is not their own. Rental properties with appliances included are attractive to tenants such as kitchens fitted with white goods.

Outdoor space

Having a place to grill a barbeque, balcony or a private garden can help rent out a property or can allow you to charge higher rent because of this bonus, especially in a well built up area.
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