Tips For First Time Buyers Looking For Houses For Sale – Swindon

Are you a first time buyer looking for houses for sale – Swindon? Then you’re in the right place.

Looking for your first home can feel like a minefield, but we’re here to help you out. This guide will help you in the search for that perfect dream home.

Use online sources to check prices

Years ago, the only way to find out what was for sale was to look in the estate agent’s window. Now though, there’s all kinds of tools at your fingertips.

Look online for houses for sale – Swindon that are near you, as they’re all listed there too.

You can even look up things like how much the house sold for the last time it changed hands. You can also compare prices in different areas with ease.

Get in touch with a local estate agent

With all this talk of online house hunting methods, it’s easy to forget that the seemingly old fashioned estate agent can help, too.

Get friendly with one, such as us here at Moovahome, and they’ll help you out.

They can let you know what’s coming up for sale, and keep an eye out for homes that match your specifications. They’re useful to have on your side.

Find out what’s included with the house

Found a house that looks promising? You need to know what comes with it. Some sellers may take things you’d assume would stay, such as curtains, light fittings, and even the carpets.

Don’t assume that these things will stay. Get it in writing what the house will come with.

Take photos

Once you view a few houses, you’ll find that they all become a blur sooner rather than later.

Taking photos as you walk around can really help out when you’re deciding where to put an offer in.

You’ll have to check with the estate agent if this is ok, but it’s a useful tip.

Check out the neighbourhood

The house may be perfect, but you need to know if the neighbourhood is a good fit, too. Who lives nearby? Are there local schools or shops? How about pubs?


These will determine the people who are around at different times of the day. Is the culture here one that you like?

Be patient

You want to move right now, but the perfect home may not be out there yet. Be patient, and wait to see what comes up on the market. Don’t jump at the first home you see, as it may not quite be right for you.

Moovahome help first time buyers find a place they can call their own. If you’re looking for houses for sale – Swindon, come talk to us.