Tips When Hunting for Houses to Rent Swindon

Swindon is a beautiful, up and coming town in south England. It is perfect for people searching for new employment opportunities or hoping to settle down and raise a family of their own. In fact, Swindon was voted as one of the best places to live and work in all of the UK.

If you are considering a big move this year, here are some tips that will help you make the best decisions whether you are looking for Swindon houses to rent or for sale.

The property

When viewing a particular house for rent in Swindon, take your time and carefully inspect it for moulds or pests, faulty electric wiring, tap fitting, heating, appliances, safety and security. Don’t be easily charmed by swanky interiors. Instead, take a closer look at the property to check if everything is in excellent working condition. If you notice a problem, even a minor one, in any of these aspects, ask the landlord if it can be repaired or replaced before you move in, otherwise, re-evaluate your options.

The location

It is also important to know if you are within convenient proximity to modes of transportation, primary schools for your young children, hospitals, retail shops, and other necessities. In addition, while some people will pay to live in a house that is within a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the city, others will do the same to have the luxury of privacy and breathtaking views of nature. Whatever floats your boat, there are different neighbourhoods in Swindon that offer that. The most popular ones are Swindon Old Town, Wichelstowe, and Wroughton.

The safety guarantee

Safety is non-negotiable when scouting for houses for rent in Swindon. Ask the landlord or the letting agent for the property’s energy performance certificate, also known as EPC, and gas and electrical safety certificates. Excellent EPC ratings mean the house has energy-efficient meters, appliances, and boilers, saving you significant pounds in utility bills. We also recommend randomly checking out and walking around the Swindon neighborhood of your choice at night just to see if you feel safe or spot anything that would make you change your mind about getting a property there.

Finding houses for rent Swindon

While there is nothing wrong with doing it yourself through endless searches of Swindon property listings on the Internet, it is definitely not the smartest and most efficient route to take. Those who have tried it can attest that working with a property manager can match you with the best Swindon houses for rent or sale according to your budget.

Property management Swindon

Allow us to help you find the perfect Swindon house for rent. Moovahome is a local Swindon Estate Agency based on Victoria Road. For a free consultation on available properties and property management in Swindon and neighboring areas, contact the Moovahome team via phone on 01793 512345 or by completing the contact form on our website.