Useful advice for a house for sale in Swindon

Because we are involved in selling houses in Swindon every day of the week, it is easy for us to forget here at Moovahome that our clients only sell a house maybe once every five years on average. As a consequence, while the selling and buying process may be second nature to us, we have to remind ourselves that where houses for sale in Swindon are concerned, these vendors should be advised on how to avoid certain pitfalls when selling and buying.

  • If a viewer decides to make you an offer directly or ask you what price you would consider selling for, don’t get involved and instead refer them to us. As ‘middlemen’ we absorb the pressure and can advise you accordingly. In addition, often a sale price agreed directly can cause problems as the purchaser may have assumed you would include carpets and curtains in the price, while you may assume they will be paying extra for them. We make sure all t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted!
  • If you have your eye on another property, don’t be tempted to make an offer on it until you have a buyer. Firstly, if you agree a price on your purchase, that limits your flexibility when selling your own home, while it is also hard to negotiate a good price when ultimately you can’t proceed with the purchase anyway.
  • Never agree to withdraw your property from the market – purchasers who ask you to do that are usually in a weak position and they are trying to buy time. We don’t recommend gazumping anyone, but once a property has been taken off the market the pressure is also taken off the purchasers, not you the vendor.

Here at Moovahome we have been dealing with houses for sale in Swindon for long enough to know what elements are required for a smooth and successful transaction, both for the sale and purchase of a property, and if you give us a call we will be more than happy to share that advice with you, as well as find you a buyer for your Swindon property for a very reasonable fee!