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What Houses For Sale In Swindon May Be Hiding From You

What Houses For Sale In Swindon May Be Hiding From You

There’s a lot to remember when you’re looking around houses for sale in Swindon. You’ve got to make sure the house is in the right area for you, that it’s big enough and if it’s in the right state of repair.

However, there are lots of secrets that it may not be so obvious. When you’re house hunting, remember that many homes may be hiding the following from you:

Damp and mould

These are both real concerns that you need to be aware of when you’re house hunting. Damp and mould can lead to illness in the inhabitants of the home, and is especially bad for people with asthma or other respiratory problems.

Look for areas that may be covered up or painted over recently. What is being covered? You can touch walls too, to see if there’s a damp problem. If it feels wet, you’re best off steering clear.

Stains on the wall or ceiling

In the same vein, stains should be treated with suspicion. They can often come about due to burst pipes or other plumbing failures. It could be that the issue has been solved properly, but you’ll want to see the state of the plumbing before you agree to buy.

A stain on the ceiling can also indicate roof leakage issues. These can be expensive to fix, so be wary.

Poor neighbourhood value

The house itself may be perfect, but the neighbourhood may not be. Don’t be blinded by what a steal the house is, as there are plenty of other houses for sale in Swindon.

Are there boarded up properties nearby? Are local businesses moving out? Talk with the residents who live in the area, and get a real view of what it’s like to live there.

A bad smell

Are there candles lit in every room of the house? Plug in air fresheners everywhere? The owner may be trying to cover up a bad smell that could put you off buying the home.

The smell could be coming from anything from damp to drainage problems, so you’ll want to get your estate agent to find out what’s going on.

Also, open windows in winter are another sign that something is wrong.


Odd spots of fresh paint

As you walk around the home, look and see if there are any odd spots of fresh paint. A whole room that has been freshly repainted is nothing unusual. Owners often do this to make a room look more neutral and appealing to buyers.

An odd spot though, could be covering up problems. Ask your estate agent and see if you can find out what that paint is hiding.

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