What They Don’t Tell You About Swindon Houses For Sale

When you start looking to move house, it can feel like there’s a lot of information you’re missing.

Feel like you’re not being told the whole story? Here are the things they sometimes don’t tell you about Swindon houses for sale.

That you need to redirect your post

Once you’re getting ready to move, you’ll need to redirect your post It stops your details falling into the wrong hands. This makes the risk of identity theft, among other things, much lower.

That your banks need to know where you’re going

In the age of Internet banking, the physical address of your nearest branch doesn’t seem to be that important.

However, you’d be surprised.

When they have your correct address they can get hold of you if there’s an emergency and they can also stop important financial information about you falling into the wrong hands.

That you may need insurance in your new home

This may slip your mind, especially with everything else going on. Swindon houses for sale can be insured for up to 30 days in advance.

You can get the house insured before you actually move in, meaning everything will be covered in case there any accidents during the move itself.

That you’ll need to update your car details

When you move, you need to make sure your car moves with you. Update your car documents, including your insurance.

If anything happens to your car, your insurers want to see it’s at the right address. If it’s still registered to the old address, they may not offer to cover you.

That you’ll need to take final meter readings

You’ll need to take water, gas and electric readings at your current property, before you move into your new one.

This is because if you don’t, you could be charged for these things after you’ve left. You can stay with the same companies once you move.

All you have to do is let them know in advance that you’re moving.

That you need to change your details on the electoral roll

Once you move, your details on the electoral roll will be out of date. To ensure you’re still able to vote in elections, you’ll need to update your details with them.

That you need to move your TV license

This is easily forgotten about, but it’s vital you do so as you could be fined if you don’t. You can do it in advance, so you’re covered from the day you move in.

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