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What to Look Out For In Houses For Sale In Swindon

What to Look Out For In Houses For Sale In Swindon

Moving home is a huge undertaking. No one is surprised when movers forget to check or do something, as there’s just so much to do.

You’re not an expert, and you may miss something unless you’re instructed to look for it.

If you’re looking for houses for sales in Swindon, here are just a few things you should check before signing on the dotted line.

Use your nose as well as your eyes

When walking around a prospective home, make sure you take note of how the house smells.

The scent of a house can tell you an awful lot about it.

For example, damp in the house can give off a musty smell, even if you can’t see any physical signs of it.

Check the taps and light switches

You don’t think you can go around trying these things, but any savvy buyer knows that these things need to be looked at. Try the taps to see what the water pressure is like, and flick the light switches to make sure they work.

They’re small checks that can unearth larger problems that lurk underneath. If you don’t want to sink money into fixing them, you’ll know it’s time to walk away.

Walk around the surrounding area

The house itself is important, but the neighbourhood around it needs to be considered too. Take a walk around before your viewing time, and see what the area is like.

You’ll also be able to see if there are other houses for sale in Swindon nearby. If you like the area, you can look into what’s available and what you’ll need to budget for.

Look for electrical sockets

It doesn’t sound obvious, but the amount of electrical sockets in a house can really have an impact on your life. After all, nearly everything we use will need to be plugged into the wall at some point.

Look at how many you use at home, and then count that against how many there are in the house you’re viewing.

Also, take note of where they’re located.

Are they in easy to reach, usable locations?

Look up

The ceiling is more important than you realise. Does the ceiling in the house you’re looking at have any cracks, flaky plaster or water stains?

Any of these things could indicate serious underlying problems that any buyer would need to address.

Check the boiler

Central heating is vital in the winter. Check the central heating works, and find out when the boiler was last serviced. You don’t want to buy the house only to have a break down in the middle of January. Also, check where the radiators are located, and whether they heat up satisfactorily.

If you’re looking for houses for sale in Swindon, Moovahome are your best bet. We know Swindon inside and out. We’ll help you find the best property for you, and work with you throughout the entire moving process. Get in touch today and see how we can help.